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Louvat Bros win Liz Meyer 2012 award : European Innovation of Bluegrass Music

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The Louvat Bros won the « Liz Meyer European Innovation of Bluegrass Music 2012 Award » at the EWOB -European World of Bluegrass music convention – in Voorthuizen, the Netherlands.

This award is given in memory to Liz Meyer who has always encouraged through her career promising and creative musicians and rewards the most innovative Europrean band in Bluegrass music.

Louvat Bros a remporté le « Liz Meyer European Innovation of Bluegrass Music 2012 Award » lors de l’EWOB -European World of Bluegrass music convention- à Voorthuizen, Pays-Bas.

Ce prix est offert en mémoire à Liz Meyer qui a toujours encouragé lors de sa carrière la créativité des musiciens et récompense le groupe Européen de Bluegrass le plus innovant.



Liz Meyer European Innovation of Bluegrass Music Award

Liz Meyer (1952-2011) was widely regarded as an accomplished musician and singer-songwriter, and always a great support to other musicians in her field.

In the earlier part of her career, Liz was best known for her innovative songwriting and for performing and recording with a succession of legendary musicians, including Béla Fleck,Emmylou Harris, Sam Bush and Jerry Douglas.

But beyond her own musical pursuits, Liz’s career is also typified by her generosity towards other musicians. always willing and able to offer practical advice and creative outlets to aspiring musicians, she helped numerous European Bluegrass artists to set and achieve new goals within their art form.

Liz’s own songwriting and musical arrangements stem from a broad range of influences. Likewise, her name is often cited by European bands as an inspiration for implementing aspects of their musical heritage into their songs in a way that is at once tasteful and innovative.

This award was devised both to honor Liz’s memory and to encourage promising musicians to bring their music to a broader audience. The European World of Bluegrass Board is proud to present this year’s Liz Meyer European Innovation of Bluegrass Music Award to the Louvat Bros.